Why Duplicate Keys Are Smart

Why Duplicate Keys Are Smart

Why A Spare Key Can Be A Real Lifesaver

The spare key has long been a tradition in the older parts of the globe, but you might be surprised at the fact that Americans and Australians are behind the rest of the West when it comes to having a duplicate key.

If you don’t have a spare when time rolls around, then you will need to call in a locksmith on the Gold Coast.

Border Locksmiths can explain why it is easier to have a duplicate key. 

Spare keys can save you money

Having a duplicate key close to hand can save you money, and also prevent you from having to wait around in the cold.

You don’t have to spend out on an emergency locksmith when you can pick up the spare key from underneath the mat, and get into your property. 

Save on worry

There is nothing worse than the knowledge that you have left your keys at home, and now don’t have a way in except by calling a locksmith to solve the problem.

A spare key in a convenient place is the best way to get back in easily. 

Replacement keys are usually the answer

If you have a problem with forgetting your key, or your key has been damaged, how are you going to get back into your house?

Well, with your duplicate key, of course.

Having a second key will also help Border Locksmiths to repair and replace your existing model, so you can get back into your property easily. 

Prevent wear and tear

One of the most common reasons for broken keys is overuse.

Metal in keys wears down over time, eventually causing snapping or loss of definition on the key edge.

Alternative keys can help to keep that wear and tear down to a minimum. 

Get faster replacements

If you are ever at Border Locksmiths, needing a replacement key, having a duplicate is the best way to make your task go more quickly.

In fact, you can easily clone your replacement key, so you don’t end up having to do a complete lock replacement. 

Don’t end up locked out

When you have been trapped without a secondary key, waiting for a locksmith outside your Gold Coast front door, it is not an experience you want to repeat.

Border Locksmiths can help by duplicating your master key, leaving you with a replacement.

If you want to ask about our services, contact us online or call 1300-526-011 today. 

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