A Locksmith’s 6 Tips For Securing Your Home

A Locksmith’s 6 Tips For Securing Your Home

Our Top Tips For Boosting Your Home’s Security

Securing your home—your most expensive investment—is essential. Not only does it contain your prized possessions, it also contains sentimental belongings, the family keepsakes that can’t be given a dollar figure. At Border Locksmiths, our experienced Gold Coast locksmiths have a list of tips for keeping your home secure day and night.

Quality Locks

Ensuring your shed, carport, etc. have high-quality locks fitted is the most effective ways to keeping burglars out. Opportunist see the shed or carport as an easy target, considering they’re outside the home, and will often try breaking into them first. At Border Locksmiths, we stock a wide variety of first-rate locks that are suitable for sheds and carports of all kinds.

Invest in Security Systems

Alarms, CCTV and intercoms—all examples of effective security systems and visible deterrents for would-be burglars. At Border Locksmiths, we supply and install a wide range of security systems from renowned brands so that you can sleep easy every night. 

Inspect Your Prorperty Regularly

Take a quick look around the property once a day or once a week to see if there’s any signs of forced entry. In doing this, you can determine any potential weak spots in your home, as well as identify any damage that may have been caused in an attempted break-in.

Use a Beware of Dog Sign

Whether you’ve got a dachshund, a German Shepherd, or no dog at all, having a BEWARE OF DOG sign can oftentimes be an effective deterrent against burglars. Not all potential intruders are game enough to take on Fido, so having that sign affixed to your side gate can work wonders.  

Let There Be Light

Burglars are less likely to attempt breaking in when it looks like people are home. By having lights on or setting the lights on a timer when you’re not home, is a great way to ward off potential burglars.

Remind Yourself To Lock The Door

The single most effective way to keep intruders out is to lock the doors. Most people always remember to lock the doors—front and back—but there are those days when we get distracted and forget. If you’re the type of person to forget locking the doors, setting a reminder on your phone can work well.

Securing your home can be a simple process. By locking up, having security systems in place and letting passers-by know your home is a no-go zone is a sure-fire way to keep you and your family safe all year round.

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