Investing in CCTV for Your Home or Business?

Investing in CCTV for Your Home or Business?
Border Locksmith can fix CCTV issues servicing the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast

Security is becoming more and more important for many people in society, property owners being not the least of them.

The threat of accidents or deliberate acts of vandalism or burglary keeps a lot of property owners awake at night.

This is perfectly understandable, as it is estimated that only one-tenth of all crimes ever get solved.

The advent of CCTV has taken a lot of worries away from property owners, for a number of practical reasons. Owners can’t be on-premises 24 hours a day, but these security cameras are the next best thing.

As installers of the CCTV Gold Coast people love, we know this is an extremely wise investment.

Home Comfort

Modern CCTV systems are remarkably good value for money. This is because they have become very popular with homeowners as well as businesses.

There have been some issues with the law, but these are now settled and established. A homeowner is entitled to install CCTV on their own property, in order to cover that property.

As long as your system doesn’t intrude into neighbours’ premises, you’re good to go.

Coverage can be monitored by the traditional means, ie monitor screens within the home.

Modern equipment also allows real time viewing on tablets or other appropriate devices. If you’re at work, or even out shopping, you can still have a quick look to see if your property’s ok.

Anyone going on holiday will appreciate the peace of mind this CCTV coverage brings.

Many systems are motion activated. This means they only come on when a sensor detects movement within your boundaries. While this may pick up garden animals, it still saves a lot of space and time when nothing’s happening on your property.

Business Sense

A major use of CCTV Gold Coast customers want is for business use. By definition, businesses usually have more valuable property to protect than the average home.

This can be anything from expensive equipment to stored goods. CCTV discourages theft, both by outsiders and employees.

Having a system in place reduces insurance premiums massively; in fact, some companies won’t insure businesses without it.

CCTV encourages good behaviour in other ways. Issues of health and safety, or workplace harassment, are much more manageable with CCTV.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, if people know they’re being watched, they behave better. This protects both employees and employers, and litigation is much less likely in workplaces covered by CCTV.

If anything unfortunate does happen, from a burglary to an accident, CCTV footage can be used in court.

This gives further peace of mind, and is another reason why investing in CCTV is an excellent business idea.

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