Importance of CCTV For Your Business

Importance of CCTV For Your Business

We at Border Locksmiths feel that CCTV cameras are an essential part of any modern business. If you are looking for the type of CCTV the Gold Coast has to offer, then have a read about how important the use of CCTV is within your business.

Why You Need CCTV For Your Business

See Who Is Outside

Do you really want to have people patrolling your business to see who is outside, who is scoping the place, and who is lurking? Or, would you like to look at a monitor and see the external area of your business from every possible angle.

Monitor Theft

Watching people on the outside is fine, but do not forget to watch people on the inside. If people wish to steal from you, then they will have to hide from your cameras. Plus, you could always put in secret cameras to see which of your employees are ripping you off.

A Crime Deterrent

People see you have no cameras, and it is almost like an invite into your business. It is true that people can cover themselves up and rob you or burn down your place, but the whole process is a lot more difficult. Plus, when somebody enters a palace with a mask on, then it is a big red flag to whomever is looking.

Keep Track of Progress

Want to see if your workers are actually working? Want to see if they are hanging around or hiding? You can look through your CCTV cameras to see what is going on. You can also take a look to see how far along the work process is coming. This is especially true if you are working on larger objects or are manufacturing things.

Improve Your Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies will knock some money off your premium if you have security. Things like cameras help to catch criminals, they lower the number of false claims, and they make assigning blame very easy. An insurance company may even insist that you have cameras in your business, especially if you deal with high value goods that you wish to insure.

Get In Touch For CCTV Installation

The truth is that CCTV on the Gold Coast is so cheap and effective that there is no good reason “Not” to have it for your business. It is like buying a car without ABS and power steering. Sure, you can get along well without it, but why hassle yourself?

If you are looking for CCTV, then look no further than Border Locksmiths for all your security needs. Contact us online or call us on 1300 526. 011.

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