Apartment Lockouts: What To Do

Apartment Lockouts: What To Do

Locked out of your apartment? Here’s What To Do

There’s nothing more inconvenient than being locked out of your apartment. Unlike a house where you might be able to keep a spare key hidden close by, apartments are much harder to get into, especially if they’re above ground level 

So you’ve checked your bags, your pockets and called the office to see if you left your keys behind – but no luck. So, what do you do next? 

Once you’ve exhausted everything you can think of, there’s a couple more things our Gold Coast locksmiths recommend you try to get back into your home. 

Call Your Rental Agents

If you’re leasing your apartment, it’s more than likely your rental agents will have a spare key at hand. If you’re locked out during office hours, they are usually easy to reach. You can either use their spare to make a copy or to get inside and do a thorough search to find your own missing set. 

Call Someone Who Might Have a Spare 

Think back to anyone you might have given a spare key to like a friend, family member or a neighbour to take care of your apartment while you were away. A quick call could save you a trip to getting new keys made. 

Call A Locksmith

If you’re truly stuck, you can always rely on a 24 hour locksmith like Border Locksmiths day or night. Our professional locksmiths are highly responsive and can get you back into your apartment in no time. 

Our team service throughout Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast and are available 24 hours a day. So no matter when or where you get locked out, we’ll be there for you.

If you need a spare key made, our mobile locksmiths are equipped to make a replacement or to rekey you lock too. 

Neep A Locksmith For Your Apartment? Call Our Team Today

If you need a locksmith on the Gold Coast, get in touch with us today. With expert service at affordable prices, there’s no one better to call. 

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